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WALDORF, Md. - This year marks the 2nd Annual Black Friday Sales Event at Waldorf Toyota.  Here’s a little information to help you navigate what is expected to be a busy day, not only at Waldorf Toyota, but Waldorf in general.

Get where you are going early.  The roads will be busy with everyone that is looking to get a great deal.  Waldorf Toyota should be a definite addition to your list, especially if you are shopping for a new or pre-owned vehicle.  There will be special pricing on all new Toyotas, including pre-owned vehicles starting as low as $1,495.  Waldorf Toyota isn’t stopping there, either.  They will have door buster offerings until noon, and will have door prizes all day.  That’s not all—there is plenty more in store, but you’ll have to stop by to learn what we have up our sleeves.

Prepare for a wait.  There will be big crowds and lines will be long, so make sure you are prepared.  Pack a bottle of water or another drink in your purse or pocket, along with a handy snack.  Plan to visit the busiest stores when you have the most time.  This will help keep your frustration level down and make it a little better experience.  Waldorf Toyota is expecting a line when their doors open at 7 am, and with the chilly weather – have your gloves, warm coat and hat, handy.

Have coupons ready. 
If you have coupons or special offers, make sure you keep them in a handy spot, so when you do finally make it to the check out line, you aren’t spending time digging and looking for them.  This will make things better for both you and your fellow shoppers.  Check out the Waldorf Toyota website – -  for coupons before you leave home.

Finally, enjoy the day! 
All of the waiting and planning will be worth it.  Waldorf Toyota wants to make sure you take home the car you want, at an exceptional price.  They are working hard to give you the deal you’re yearning for, to make your visit worth it.

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