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Subaru XV Crosstrek, photo from Facebook

Hollywood, MD - The race is on to get to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving. Even if you aren’t planning on gathering around Grannie’s table for Thursday’s big repast, you and your family might have a long road trip in mind during the Holiday season.
What are auto experts touting as the best ride for big families? This decade manufacturers have created several vehicles that might meet the demands of making the trip a comfortable one.

In 2013, writers James Healy and Fred Meier of USA Today rated the Subaru XV Crosstrek tops. Healy and Meier cited cold weather features like heated seats as one of the plusses. On the down side, the Crosstrek is “a tight fit for big-boned people.”

Also receiving praise were the Volkswagen Jetta Sportswagen Diesel—idea for its extra cargo space. On the negative side, Healy and Meier noted that not all service stations carry diesel fuel. The Jeep Grand Cherokee received a thumbs up for its four-wheel drive. However, the USA Today also indicated the Grand Cherokee is a gas guzzler.

In 2013, writer Jason Notte of The Street also had a Subaru at the top of his list of family travel vehicles—the Forester, which scored high for its large interior, and great traction on inclines and wet roads. Notte cited the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport for the vehicle’s heated front seats, rearview camera and ample cargo space as being major reasons for his second preference. The Street writer’s third pick was the Ford Flex, which Notte stated has lots of legroom and headroom and three rows of seating.

For couples, duos and—if you don’t mind riding tight—trios, Chris Wright of Gear Patrol wrote an account of the long road trip he and his girlfriend took in 2015 in a Chevy Colorado. Wright admitted he had some concerns about driving a truck on a long road trip. “I worried about bags flying out of the bed at high speed and low miles per gallon on a tight budget,” he wrote. “My girlfriend, Rachel, stressed about driving a hulking beast.” In the end, after a 2,002-mile, 10-day trip, Wright declared the 2015 Chevy Colorado to be “the best road trip truck.”

Happy travels to everyone this holiday season. May your journey be one sweet ride.

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