Remember how awful you felt a year ago?

Bethesda, MD - Remember how awful you felt a year ago? Donald Trump had just won the election, and our long national nightmare had begun.

So how great was it to wake up Wednesday morning and see the coast-to-coast blue wave! We did it by pulling ourselves out of the doldrums, organizing and most importantly, voting. Across America, we won statewide victories in Virginia, New Jersey, and Washington. We're taking back governorships, state legislatures, and city councils.

Here in Maryland we started building a state party capable of competing in every zip code. We trained our central committees and Democratic clubs all across the state for our summer of Resistance and Renewal voter canvass.

Guess what? It worked.

Thanks to the doors you knocked and the calls you made, the blue wave washed over Maryland.  We got out the vote and flipped the mayoral seats in Annapolis and Frederick from red to blue!  Voters elected Gavin Buckley and Michael O’Connor, as well as diverse slates of aldermen, to bring change to their cities.

It's been a year since the Trump Era began, but it feels like we’ve been fighting his destructive agenda for much longer.  Trump, his Administration and Governor Larry Hogan have set their sights on the progress we made under President Obama—but thanks to you, they’ve been unsuccessful.

With no help from Hogan and the Maryland GOP, the Affordable Care Act is still law.Not one brick of Trump’s border wall has been laid.  And Democrats in our state legislature are gearing up to override Hogan’s veto of paid sick leave.

It’s been a long year since Election Day 2017, so we must let these victories fortify us for the fights to come. We have a blue wave carrying us, and we’ll keep working hard towards big wins for Marylanders in 2018!

Thanks for your commitment, and to our veterans, thanks for your service.

Kathleen Matthews is the chair of the Maryland Democratic Party

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