'Jammin' in America' --Driving to work takes up time

Hollywood, MD - The iconic “Office Space” scene where the main character, Peter Gibbons, stuck in traffic while on his way to work is a tale many citizens in our area can relate to. The U.S. Census Bureau has conducted a survey analyzing the average commute of Americans. The study has shown that the average commute time for Americans is 26 minutes one-way. According to the Census, this is the longest commute time since 1980. The research has also shown that long commutes can lead to high blood pressure, weight gain and low physical activity.

Here is a list of the top cities with the worst commute.
1. San Jose, CA- 39 minutes
2. Jersey City, NJ- 38 minutes
3. Long Beach, CA- 36 minutes
4. Oakland, CA- 35 minutes
5. New York, NY- 34 minutes
6. Mesa, Arizona- 33 minutes
7. Aurora, CO- 32 minutes
8. Arlington, TX- 32 minutes
9. Chicago, IL- 30 minutes
10. Philadelphia, PA- 29 minutes

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