Delegate Deb Rey has a Thanksgiving message

Annapolis, MD - Thanksgiving holds some of my most cherished family memories.  As a child, each year we would gather at one of my Grandma's house with the extended family to kick off the holiday season.  The traditional large turkey and the fixin"s would  cover the dining room table.  Tales of family events enthralled the adults while the kids put as much whipped cream on their slice of pie as it will hold.

Now I have my own family and our Thanksgivings are very different.  We don't live near our families, so the day is a private event in our home.  This year, we will still make the big turkey and fixin's.  But instead of going to Grandma's, we'll enjoy the day relaxing around the house and Skyping with our son, Daniel who is studying abroad in France this year.  Despite being apart, we remain a close knit family.

I hope your memories of Thanksgiving past are your favorites too. And I hope you continue to make wonderful lasting memories for the years to come.

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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