Delegate Fisher campaigns for conservative college speakers

Dear Neighbor,

St. Mary's College of Maryland recently announced that it will host radical political activist Linda Sarsour to speak at the College and honor her "public service".

Linda Sarsour has called for Sharia Law in the United States and has said that Muslims should NOT assimilate. Moreover, Ms. Sarsour is a well-known antisemite.

For too long, radical one-sided Leftists have been the only speakers allowed on College Campuses.  Free speech should include speakers from all points of view.  Put simply, the College should include Conservative speakers as well.  It appears that St. Mary's College of Maryland is attempting to be a breeding ground for radical progressive views. 

Please sign the petition to demand that St. Mary's College President, Dr. Tuajuanda Jordan, book a prominent Conservative speaker at the college.  Please demand that St. Mary's College of Maryland not use taxpayer money to compensate Ms. Sarsour.

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