December 4 is National Cookie Day

Hollywood, MD - Isn’t every day “cookie day?” According to several calendars—no. There is a National Cookie Day at it is Dec. 4.  National Cookie Day was created in 1987 by the San Francisco-based Blue Chip Cookie Company. The word “cookie” is derived from the Dutch word “koekie,” which means “little cake.” The Dutch, however, did not invent the cookie, which may have its origins from 7th century Persia.

The web site Brown-Eyed Baker has posted a list of what its research has determined to be the 10 most popular cookies. Actually 13 are listed as there was a three-way tie for 10th place. The selectees are:
10. peanut butter blossoms, no bake and white chocolate macadamia
9. Macaroon
8. Oatmeal raisin
7. Ginger
6. Sugar
5. Snickerdoodle
4. Peanut butter cookie
3. Oatmeal chocolate chip
2. Chocolate
1. Chocolate chip

While the variety of cookies is amazing, there is another, darker side to this wonderful treat. The true danger that cookie consumption—or over-consumption poses—is manifested on the list compiled by the web site Eat This, Not That (ETNT) of the “Worst-ever supermarket cookies.”

Number five on the list is Belvita Cranberry Orange Crunchy Breakfast Biscuits, which the web site stated had a high content of added sugar. Number four on the worst-ever list was the Golden Oreo Megastuf, which ETNT stated was high in calories, fat and sugar. “If this is your go-to cookie, we suggest breaking up with it ASAP,” ETNT stated. The top three were Chips Ahoy with birthday frosting, Chips Ahoy Oreo Cream-filled and at number one on the worst-ever list—Smores Chips Ahoy. According to ETNT, all are filled with high fructose corn syrup, caramel color and artificial flavor.

It never hurts to have just one cookie, so whether your favorite is supermarket-bought, added to your sub or sandwich shop order or is baked lovingly in someone’s kitchen enjoy it on this special day.

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