Teachers' union responds to commissioner's comments

To the Editor:
It was with great frustration in which I read Commissioner Evan Slaughenhoupt’s missive regarding our newly ratified contract. Both Calvert Education Association (CEA) and Calvert County Public Schools worked very hard to secure a fair agreement that reflects the needs of our students, communities and teachers.  Investing in our great teachers will undeniably secure the best education for all of our students and continue to make Calvert County the best place to live in Maryland.  

We are at a crossroad. Calvert County Public Schools is losing our excellent CEA teachers and potential new teachers to surrounding counties. In fact, many of these counties are poaching CEA teachers and potential new teachers with the promise of better and more consistent compensation. A choice NOT to invest in our school system is a guarantee that these problems will continue and will have a profound impact in our schools as well as the communities we all represent.

CEA has met with Commissioner Slaughenhoupt many times over the past year. It is disappointing to read in the newspaper what he does not tell CEA face-to-face. I look forward to again meeting with him, along with fellow educators from his district, and explaining the real value of our negotiated agreement.

Our students, teachers and communities deserve the best and that begins with honoring our contract.

Dennis Mooney, President
Calvert Education Association

Read story on Commissioner Slaughenhoupt's comments here

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