Letter from the Editor – A home for everyone

Hollywood, MD - It’s something to think about as you look through your window to the cold and darkness of outdoors. You have a window from which to look out and so many others who likely can’t be seen from your vantage point don’t. Homelessness is a scourge that touches communities worldwide. While we nobly apply Band-aids to the problem—soup kitchens, temporary shelters, army cots and sleeping bags, opening churches for the night—permanently solving the issue eludes us. And the numbers rise. A recent story featured by reported there are over 1,000 homeless in Charles County. It wasn’t that long ago many residents in the region found it incredulous that homeless people were living among them. How could that be in an affluent community where it seems everybody works?

Part of the problem might be that it has become hard these days to develop a homeless prototype. There is no specific demographic for the displaced although there is evidence that veterans, mentally ill individuals, and drug addicts may be among a more predominant group of people who need help. Family estrangement could be another factor, as well. Perhaps encouraging reconciliation, especially in these days leading up to the holidays, could remedy some of the problems.

This is definitely not a problem that can be solved with a one-size-fits-all solution. If there is an organization in your community addressing the homeless issue in this community, now would be a great time to become involved. It isn’t likely to consume all your time but with more hands on deck, the problem will be easier to address. If there is a member of your family—sibling, in-law, niece, nephew, even a parent—who has become estranged, now would be a great time to reach out, especially if he or she appears to have nowhere else to go. This is a perfect time to bury the hatchet. In today’s world of high technology, and communication it has become harder than ever for someone to disappear or to become unreachable. Make the effort!

You would be giving a lasting gift to a much larger community. That is a view from your window which will appear a whole lot better.

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