UPDATE - Former pastor, secretary, charged with theft, embezzlement

Crossroad Christian Church, St. Leonard, MD

Editor's note - This story has been updated to reflect charges filed against a second party in the case.

St. Leonard, MD - A local minister who was terminated as pastor of a Calvert County church this past summer is facing charges of theft and embezzlement, documents on file in District Court of Maryland stated. The charges against Michael Shawn Holcomb, 41 of St. Leonard, were filed Nov. 18. Court documents indicated Holcomb was served a summons by the court Tuesday, Nov. 29.

A second person has also been charged in connection with the case. She was identified in court documents as Rayanne Carson, 33 of St. Leonard, who served as secretary and bookkeeper under Holcomb.

In an application for a statement of charges, Robert W. Lee Sr. of Crossroad Christian Church stated that discussions by church leaders about terminating Holcomb began Aug. 19 and the minister was “officially terminated Aug. 27. The misappropriation of church funds allegedly occurred between Jan. 1 and Sept. 2 of this year, the court documents stated.

“In September 2016 we obtained bank records that showed numerous purchases that were not authorized by church leadership—the elders,” Lee stated. “These funds were used for personal benefit. This use included groceries, cell phones hotels, liquor store purchases, personal purchases for washer and dryer, refrigerator, stove, purchases at various automotive repair businesses, purchases made for family vacations, movies, numerous purchases for dinners at restaurants. Mr. Holcomb withdrew $15,259.11 in total from the church bank account in cash, $40,772.82 in check card purchases, $9,936 in POS [point of sale] transactions (debit), $3,732.56 in check card purchases. There were no major church events throughout the year so there were no church ministry expenses.”

Lee added that on Aug. 26, one day before he was fired, “Mr. Holcomb closed the church bank accounts at PNC in Prince Frederick to hide the misuse of church funds.”
According to court documents, Holcomb has been charged with theft $10,000 to under $100,000, theft scheme $10,000 to under $100,000 and embezzle/misappropriate.  The charges carry a total of 35 years in jail and $30,000 in fines. Carson faces similar charges, court documents stated.

A hearing date on the charges has not been set. has not received a reply from Holcomb for comment about the allegations.

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