Man arraigned who allegedly ran over his wife

Brian Patrick Weyhenmeyer

La Plata, MD - Brian Patrick Weyhenmeyer, 32 of Waldorf was formally arraigned in Charles County Circuit Court Thursday, Nov. 20 for allegedly running over and killing his wife, Jennifer Lynn Weyhenmeyer, behind a Waldorf shopping center on Route 301 Oct. 12.

Weyhenmeyer will continue to be held without bond until his jury trial April 21, 2015.

Charles County State’s Attorney Anthony Covington told Circuit Court Judge Helen I. Harrington that Weyhenmeyer “ran over his wife with their vehicle at least two times.”

Covington described how on Oct. 12, the Charles County Sheriff’s Office received a phone call from Jennifer Weyhenmeyer telling police her husband was mad at her and wouldn’t let her out of the car.

The caller indicated they were on northbound Route 301 going past the New Life Church located between La Plata and White Plains.

“We know that call ended abruptly,” Covington said, adding that the phone was later recovered by police from the median strip on Route 301.

Twenty minutes later police received another call, Covington said, that there was a subject behind a very narrow alley at a shopping center in Waldorf.

Responding officers found Jennifer Weyhenmeyer’s body on the scene with severe trauma “all over her body,” Covington said.

Harrington asked the state if the defendant had any family in the area.

“Not really, your honor,” Covington stated. “He and his wife moved up here in July. She had family here. Mr. Weyhenmeyer has no other ties to the area.”

Weyhenmeyer appeared in court without representation and Tonya McClary, the only public defender in the courtroom, stepped forward.

“Obviously these are allegations,” McClary told the court. “He was not at the scene.”

She said the defendant would be entering a plea of not guilty to the three charges against him, including First-Degree Murder, First-Degree Assault and False Imprisonment.

Covington asked Harrington to keep the defendant in custody, saying there were concerns he could be a danger to himself.

“There is a concern for Mr. Wehenmeyer’s safety,” Covington said. “There were cut marks on his wrists and stretch marks on his neck when he was taken into custody.”

Harrington told Weyhenmeyer bond would be denied “in the interest of public safety and in the interest of your own safety.”

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