More Than 11 Percent Vote Early in Southern Maryland

More than 11 percent of the registered voters in each of the three Southern Maryland counties voted early this year. Even with the heavy weekend voting in advance of Hurricane Sandy on Oct. 29-30, the heaviest individual voting day in each county was Friday, November 2, the day added by the governor to compensate for the two lost days earlier in the week.

In Calvert County, 7040 of the 58,864 registered voters went to the polls early, or 11.96 percent. Of them 3,275 were Democrats, 2,740 were Republicans and 935 unaffiliated.

In Charles County 11,987 of the 97,687 registered voters, or 12.27 percent of registered voters, stood in line early at the polls. Of them 8,655 were Democrats, 2,104 were Republicans and 1156 were unaffiliated.

In St. Mary’s County, 7,096 of 63,928 registered voters, or 11.10 percent voted early. Of them 2,957 were Democrats, 3,071 were Republicans and 1,015 were unaffiliated.

Charles County is overwhelming Democratic, with 55,690 registered Democrats, 25,339 Republican and 11,201 unaffiliated.

In Calvert and St. Mary’s, Republicans have a slim margin. In Calvert it’s 23,448 versus 23,349 with 11,201 unaffiliated. In St. Mary’s it’s 25,721 versus 25,295 with 12,049 unaffiliated.

In Calvert there were 82 absentee ballots sent out, of which 45 had been returned as of Monday. Of the absentee ballots, 39 were Democrat, 25 Republican and 19 listed as “Other.”

In Charles there were 159 absentee ballots sent, of which 70 had been returned by Monday. Of the total, 61 were Democrat, 51 Republican and 43 Other.

In St. Mary’s there were 68 absentee ballots sent, of which only 13 had been returned by Monday. Of the total, 31 were Democrat, 14 Republican and 23 Other.

The deadline for receiving absentee ballots is normally on election day, however the deadline was extended to Nov. 16 because of the storm. There will be two absentee ballot counts by the local election boards: Thursday, Nov. 8 and Friday, Nov. 16.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday November 6th. The Bay Net will have complete election coverage once the polls close.


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