SMH Implements Infant, Child Security System

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St. Mary’s Hospital took another stride to increase safety on Oct. 30 with the implementation of an infant/child security system to avoid potential abductions.  The computer-based “Safe Place” system tracks the whereabouts of infants in the Women’s Health and Family Birthing Center and children under 10 years old in the Pediatrics Department through the use of ankle bracelets to ensure no one leaves the area.

“We’ve gone the next step in terms of security,” said Janet Evans, director of the Women’s Health and Family Birthing Center, noting the measure is precautionary since child abductions have never happened at St. Mary’s Hospital.

The system uses radio frequency technology to monitor the ankle bracelets with antennas mounted throughout the departments.  The nursing staff and operator receive notification if a patient leaves the designated area or if a bracelet is cut or removed without authorization from a nurse.  
The Women’s Health and Family Birthing Center became a locked unit in 2001 as another safety precaution.  The “Safe Place” system from RF Technologies will improve the protection of patients through awareness of potential abductions, as a deterrent for abductions and by providing an increased sense of security for patients.

St. Mary’s Hospital delivered 1,107 babies and cared for 203 inpatients in the Pediatrics Department in 2007.

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