Keep That "Elf"ish Figure During the Holidays!

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Mmmm, eggnog. Oh, and look at those sausage balls, just how mom used to serve them. Do you ever find yourself thinking this at a holiday party? Then, of course, you overindulge and feel bloated like a scared puffer fish! We know you would like to avoid the holiday gluttony this season. 

Rejoice! You do not have to feel deprived; just make compromises and better choices.

Here are some healthy eating habits to help you through the holidays:
- Before your holiday evening, consider eating a light, healthy meal a few hours prior. It is much easier to control your intake if you are not extremely hungry.
- Eat five or six small meals during the day instead of your usual three square meals. Eating frequently can help control blood sugar and tends to curb your appetite.
- Eat slowly and listen to your hunger cues. If you are not hungry, don’t eat. 
The above tips are great for the holiday season, but also consider these healthy habits every day.

Here are some healthy foods that taste great and won’t add to your waistline:
- Here comes the buffet – oink, oink. Exercise some control! Mommy’s little piggy is only cute in movies. Sample a variety of foods in small portions, choosing special holiday items instead of the usual fare. Also, remember to go easy on the sauces and gravies.
- Instead of grabbing a handful of potato chips, consider foods that are high in soluble fiber, such as fruits and vegetables. Foods like these make you feel fuller for a longer time. So eat a delicious apple or crisp carrots as a snack!
- Try just a taste of your special treat; it will probably be enough to satisfy your “sweet tooth.” Still craving something sweet? Try eating fruits instead of dessert or candies.   

Finally, with a little exercise, you can make it through the holiday in better shape than before. Here are some easy tips:
- Rather than fighting for a parking space at the front, why not park farther from the store entrance and huff it? You can also take the stairs instead of grabbing the elevator or escalator.
- Increase your exercise over the holidays; this can help balance your high-calorie food intake. Exercise can burn up a few added calories, reduce holiday stress and renew your energy level.

The eggnog and sausage balls may still call your name, however, these simple tips may keep you on the path of righteousness. Happy holidays!


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