Help Us keep Town Roads Safe, Trim Your Trees And Bushes

CHESAPEAKE BEACH, Md. - The Town has received notice from the North Beach Volunteer Fire Department and Calvert County Board of Education about overgrown trees and shrubs in the Town roadways that are currently blocking both school bus and fire safety equipment access.

The Town will be trimming back and removing trees and shrubs that block visibility along Town roadways. As a homeowner, if your property has tree(s) or plantings that are encroaching Town roadways please trim the plantings back prior to November 29th.

Starting December 6th, the Town will be trimming these areas back to the road edge and possibly as far back as the Town right of way.

If you have any concerns or know of a planting on your property that will be impacted by this, please call Town Hall at (410)257-2230 and a member of Public Works will meet with you at your property to review your questions or concerns.

Thank you for your help as the Town works to keep all roads open and safe.

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