Local Entertainer Goes Viral with Powerful Message Part 2

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Local Entertainer Goes Viral with Powerful Message (Part 2) 

Dimitri Reeves was finally on the path to achieving the success as an entertainer he’d dreamed of as a child. Reeves credited his beloved manager Vaughan Mason with helping to make it happen.

Sadly, Mason passed away in the beginning of this year.  The loss rocked Dimitri’s world. “It was hard and kind of like starting over. I was on my own with my message and only knew one thing to do, keep performing.”  Reeves said it was difficult without Mason’s support and financial commitment. But he knew he couldn’t give up. Mason spent his final days working on Dimitri’s act. Giving up would seem like a slap in the face to the man who always believed in his dreams.

“So, I went out there and painted my car and added glitter to it.  I found a new team of like-minded friends.” Greg Dobrolsky and Alessia Kimble helped Dimitri expand his horizons.

Dimitri began experimenting with new looks. “I started wearing wigs and trying on different looks.  People were like, 'He's going crazy.' But the message and the music started to win as I started to get lots of followers and fans.”

Changing Hearts and Minds

Dimitri says he’s determined to stay on the path to change hearts and minds. “I just wanted to change people's perceptions. Change the way people think.  There's nothing wrong with America. I love America. I love the freedom we have. But there are some things that were put in front of us to program us. Basically, society wants us divided and focusing on our differences.  We all are struggling with something. Self-love and loving others is the way I believe I can change the world. If you look for positivity, you'll see it. If you want negativity, look at negative things and you'll see all the negatives. Whatever you focus your energy on, you will find.”

Reeves said that after one performance a woman came up to him and said her husband was on life support. She said the love he poured into her made her smile and gave her peace. Dimitri said both were moved to tears.

Taking his performance to a center for mentally challenged adults had a profound effect on the entertainer. “They deserve the same show as everyone else. Why should I treat them differently?”

He danced with a deaf gentleman during the show and was again moved to tears when he was told the man never dances or participates in events.

Taking Over The World

The Internet is spreading Dimitri Reeve’s message all over the globe. He says he has four viral videos racking up numbers at the moment. “One has 1.2 million on TikTok. One has 9.3 million on Facebook. I'm just like, 'Woah!’”

Reeves does have one request. He wishes folks that take and post videos of him online would stop to pick up his card and get his name so they can tag him in the videos.

He’s also branched out into making his own music instead of impersonating other artists. “I love what I’m doing.”

Reeves says his plans for the future are clear. “To take over the world. That's the main thing. Not like an Evil Villain in a movie, but inspiring people to be better. Like Einstein, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Gandhi... all these great minds. These people revolutionized the world. I want to do my part as they did, through my performances. My message is love. Spread love and receive love.“

Focus On The Future

The BayNet joined Dimitri on Solomons Island to watch one of his pop-up performances live over the weekend. During his shows, Reeves sings his music live. He doesn’t lip-synch. He’s moved far beyond his days of being known as a Michael Jackson impersonator. He tackles all genres, singing from such artists as AC/DC, Elvis, James Brown, and Prince. But he hasn’t forgotten his idol, Michael Jackson. 

Dimitri will be in the area performing and spreading his message of love all week. You can keep up with him by following him on his Facebook page at:

Right now, his immediate goal to spread his message is to save up enough money to purchase a small Winnebago. This would allow him to continue traveling around to perform and continue to spread his message of love all over the world-one stoplight, performance, and person at a time. Check out his GoFundMe page:

The BayNet will keep following this talented SOMD entertainer on his journey to become a superstar. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIMITRI ! 

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