Hogan Reagan Vote Draws Criticism

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has made his pick in this year's presidential election and it's unusual, to say the least. According to the Washington Post, Hogan told them he wrote in late President Ronald Reagan on his mail-in ballot instead of choosing between living candidates President Donald Trump and Senator and former Vice President, Joe Biden. 

Hogan is a Republican but is not considered a supporter of President Trump. It's long been rumored that Hogan will make a bid for the White House after his term as governor finishes up. While some frustrated voters might empathize with his choice to write in the name of a popular president still revered by Conservatives, other criticized the move.

One social media commenter said, "Shame on Governor Hogan for boasting about his wasted presidential vote. What a cop out. He’s a spineless jellyfish who either needs to grow a pair or get the heck out of politics. I’m definitely not spending any of my tourist money in Maryland until he’s voted out of office."

Another agreed, "Ronald Reagan would have been embarrassed for you!" and one man simply posted, "Coward!"

When Hogan proudly shared photos of his daughter Jaymi Sterling's swearing-in ceremony at the Anne Arundel County State's Attorney's Office, a commenter chimed in, "Ask her how she feels about your wasted vote. UNBELIEVABLE!"

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