Food is art…culinary acts are the show

Cooking is regarded by many as being the original art form. Even now, it is most certainly the most universal of all art forms. Culinary acts like cooking shows, recipe books, dining at cafes and restaurants, and taste-testing tours abroad are all grand shows that show off the best that the culinary world has to offer. Year round, the produce and available ingredients may shift and change, but the allure of cooking never ceases. As certain produce goes in or out of season, there are new foods thrown into the mix, effectively introducing an entirely new palette for the food-inspired to try.

Whether using the most outstanding, fresh seafood to create a platter fit for the gods, or braising a leg of lamb and preparing low carb pasta recipe to be enjoyed by the family at home, or even sourcing the freshest and most vibrant stock to feed a restaurant each night, the argument is always the same…food is art. There are people whose passion for food takes them around the world, bringing them time and again face to face with experiences and shows of culinary excellence that inspire them all over again, breathing new life into a passion that is already so well discovered and explored.

The art of cooking has been turned into a vast library of books delving into the depths of the culinary world, spilling the secrets that have made some so infamous in their passion. Some buy recipe books from book stores and events, and as they sit in the kitchen on the bench they eventually become staples in the kitchen that house the secrets to some well-loved recipes. Some people buy blank books or have ones that have been handed down through their families, their pages stained with the magic of culinary adventures past, their ink blotched and blurred where ingredients have mixed with the paper.

Some individuals take their passion for the culinary world and use it to forge a brilliant career, while others cook as a form of relaxation or therapy. There is something truly wondrous about being in the kitchen and creating a meal out of fresh ingredients, from scratch. As with any great art form, even if the plates look to be in a similar style each time, every meal houses a unique experience that is, at best, impossible to forget. Creating, enjoying, and sharing food is one of the ways that people feel connected with one another, so it is little wonder that the culinary world continues to draw in the masses, no matter where they are. Some enjoy food at home, others enjoy it at a restaurant. There are food trucks set up around cities, and there are farmers markets and night markets that patrons can go to enjoy the produce of their surrounding community.

Whatever the drive is for cooking, one thing is clear: the art form that is culinary wonder is spread across the globe. Food is art…and culinary acts are indeed the show. As time goes on, food is the one thing that is continuously celebrated and encouraged, the one thing that continues to prove itself an invaluable artistic expression of celebration, vibrancy, and taste. It is universal.

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