Candle Blamed For Assisted Living Facility Fire

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WALDORF, Md. - Fire officials said a candle was behind a fire that left eight residents of a Charles County assisted living facility without a place to live. 

According to the State Fire Marshall, the fire started Friday night just before 10 pm at a 2-story home on Fern Hill Place in Waldorf. The house served as an assisted living facility.

The cause of the fire was one that fire safety experts continually warn people about, an unattended candle on the patio. The Fire Marshal said that candle ignited some nearby combustible materials.

While the facility had both smoke alarms and sprinklers, that didn't help in this case. Since the fire started outside, the alarm didn't sound until it was too late.

The Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department rushed to the scene. Sixty-nine firefighters spent an hour getting the blaze under control. A firefighter was injured on the scene, but treated and released. 

The home sustained $450,000 worth of damage. The eight occupants of the house, including the owner and the assisted living residents, were left without a place to live. 

Officials said the Red Cross provided assistance and all of the residents were relocated to another facility.

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