The Impact of Climate and Environmental Change on Tick-Borne Disease

Leonardtown, MD - October 10, 2019 - Climate change can result in weather extremes that affect tick populations and seasonal activity patterns, and influence disease outbreaks. The St. Mary’s County Health Department, in partnership with the environmental studies department at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, is hosting an open talk on the impacts of climate and environmental change on tick-borne disease.

The presentation will be held Tuesday, Oct. 22, from 6 – 7 p.m., in the Hilda C. Landers Library (Room 321) on the St. Mary’s College campus. To register, please click here:

Robyn M. Nadolny, biologist and program coordinator for the Tick-Borne Disease Laboratory at the Army Public Health Center, will be the speaker at this presentation. This event is open to all students, faculty and staff, public health professionals, clinicians, and community members who would like to learn more about this public health issue.

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