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Lexington Park, MD – is making the following endorsements in the General Election to be held Tuesday, Nov. 6. Note that early voting started Oct. 25 and ends Nov. 1 from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. every day, including Saturday and Sunday. If you have not registered to vote, you may do so at early voting. has had an opportunity to interview a majority of candidates and we have covered a majority of  debates/forums in detail. In addition, we had an opportunity to live-stream and replay the forums put on by the League of Women Voters and NAACP at the Lexington Park Library for both the Primary and General elections. Additionally, co-hosted two debates with Southern Maryland Association of Realtors (SMAR) at the Jaycee Center in Waldorf and at the Leonardtown Campus of CSM, which were also live-streamed and recorded. Editorial Board is made up of residents of Southern Maryland and is comprised of both Republicans and Democrats. The board’s endorsements reflect those candidates whom we believe would provide the greatest benefit to the citizens of Southern Maryland.

We offer the following endorsements.

United States Congress: Steny Hoyer has a chance to be the House Majority leader in the future. He is a St. Mary’s County resident and an inspirational individual who has lost in St. Mary’s several times in the past but deserves his county’s vote.  He provides a moral compass to the far left and is a centrist in every sense of the word. He brings home the bacon for Patuxent River. Just ask your neighbor or relative who works there. WE ENDORSE  STENY HOYER.

Governor: Larry Hogan knows us. He had his first visit as governor-elect in Leonardtown. He has brought the rural counties to the table. His opponent, Ben Jealous  doesn’t know us and has minimal Maryland roots and is a self-described socialist. WE ENDORSE GOVERNOR LARRY HOGAN.

State Senate:This community thrives on its natural resources, we have over 500 miles of shoreline and Jack Bailey has worked the water and its bounty for over 20 years.  This Summer we all experienced the effects of The Conowingo Dam with the cancellation of the Governor’s Cup. The board feels he will be a protector of our natural bounty and for that reason we support Jack Bailey.  His opponent, Thomas Brewer, is very knowledgeable with great ideas whose time will come.  WE ENDORSE JACK BAILEY.

House of Delegates, District 29A: Incumbent Matt Morgan is a boots-on-the-ground politician who knows his constituents. He is effective in Annapolis and knows how to maneuver through the machinations of getting to the bottom line. He serves his community well.  His opponent, Roberta Miles Loker, has an outstanding track record serving our community through her years at Social Services, but here the incumbent gets the edge. WE ENDORSE MATT MORGAN.

House of Delegates, District 29B: The election for the delegate seat in District 29B is an interesting situation. Voters have to decide between Deb Rey, a Republican; and Brian Crosby, her Democratic challenger. Deb Rey is finishing her first term in office and would like to be re-elected for another term. As a member of the minority party in Annapolis she met with limited to no success in advancing her agenda. Gun rights, lower taxes and less government have a certain amount of appeal to all of us. Meanwhile, the area’s problems of traffic congestion, school funding and affordable housing continue to undermine the quality of life in Southern Maryland. Rey’s campaign for re-election promises more of the same for the next four years. Although Rey is very aware of the many problems plaguing the area, she has not offered any ideas on how to resolve them. Brian Crosby as a challenger has no political history to critique. We can only surmise that his efforts resemble how he has conducted himself in his career and his campaign. As an Army ranger he received training in many areas of personal development and operational skill sets which enable him to evaluate a situation, develop a plan to eliminate threats and communicate the plan to those responsible for carrying out the mission. While he has not been tested in a legislative environment, his team building skills and problem solving abilities could be very helpful should he be elected. To understand the issues, Brian Crosby has built small groups of subject matter experts to advise him on the most challenging issues facing the area. These groups are comprised of people from all political persuasions and tasked with identifying realistic solutions to the problems at hand. Brian Crosby offers the voters an energetic and pragmatic alternative to the incumbent and has received our endorsement. WE ENDORSE BRIAN CROSBY.

House of Delegates, District 29C: Gerald W. “Jerry” Clark defines the meaning of a true businessman. He has made a payroll for 25 years and understands Southern Maryland with his many years serving as a Calvert County Commissioner. He has been endorsed by Governor Hogan, who will help get him over the finish line.  His opponent, Julia Margaret Nichols, has been instrumental in getting the Chesapeake Public Charter School off the ground, but we feel a candidate with a well-rounded background will be better suited to serve our interests in Annapolis.  WE ENDORSE GERALD W. “JERRY” CLARK.

President of St. Mary’s County Commissioners: J. Howard Thompson, with over 25 years serving the citizens of St. Mary’s County either on The Board of Appeals or The Planning Commission, has been a model of public service for the benefit of all people. Coupled with his bellwether commitment to leading Christmas in April projects, Mr. Thompson brings an extraordinary commitment to helping the less fortunate while leading St. Mary’s in growth patterns which complement the peninsula. His opponent, incumbent Commissioner President Randy Guy led, and was  an advocate for, a $20,000.00 impact fee for first-time home buyers until the community spoke against it early in his term. Additionally, he has advocated and steered a 26 percent increase in trash fees. We believe Mr. Thompson will provide fresh leadership to the Board of County Commissioners.  WE ENDORSE J. HOWARD THOMPSON.

St. Mary’s County Commissioner, District 1:  Eric Scott Colvin is bright, energetic and has a keen grasp of all issues facing St. Mary’s County. His Democratic opponent, Timothy Ridgell, has years serving the community on the front lines in the fire department but has steadfastly refused to participate in any debates/forums and quite frankly we don’t know what he stands for.  The independent candidate in this race, Roy Alvey, is not as knowledgeable as Mr. Colvin is regarding the issues St. Mary’s County faces. WE ENDORSE ERIC SCOTT COLVIN.

St. Mary’s County Commissioner, District  2: Michael Hewitt is a stickler for financial detail and asks the tough questions. While his style may not be the most endearing, the results are savings on the bottom line for the taxpayer. Mr. Hewitt needs to pay more attention to Leonardtown and their wishes and focus on his home District. His opponent, Rose V. Frederick, is a wonderful person, genuinely committed to helping others. We hope she will stay involved in local issues and causes.  We believe Ms. Frederick has plenty of potential to serve her community in the years ahead. WE ENDORSE MICHAEL HEWITT.

St. Mary’s County Commissioner, District 3: There is no one on the current board of commissioners who understands emergency systems and 911 operations like John O’Connor. He is young, smart, energetic and brings fresh perspectives to the table. He is a stickler for details and has great vision for our community.  We believe Clarke Guy offers a lot to his community. He has served well on the Planning Commission and he is very well respected among his peers.  However, an Independent has never won an election in St. Mary’s County. WE ENDORSE JOHN O’CONNOR.

St. Mary’s County Sheriff: For Tim Cameron this will be his fourth term (and final, per the candidate) and he has built a tremendous unit and provided our community with a dedication that is unparalleled. From serving on the governor’s task force to responding to the shooting at Great Mills High School his leadership is top notch. He also brings a historical perspective to the Office of the Sheriff, which is the oldest in Maryland and one of the oldest in the country, that we can be proud of.  His opponent, Ted Bellevoine, has tossed a lot of sour grapes and run a campaign on administrative mishaps which bear no fruit.  WE ENDORSE TIM CAMERON.

Clerk of the Circuit Court for St. Mary’s County: Faye Wheeler has served in the Clerk’s Office for over 25 years and has been a supervisor for a good portion of that time. We believe she has the leadership to bring the Clerk’s office into the 21st century and serve the citizens of St. Mary’s County well.  Her opponent, Debbie Mills Burch, has a wealth of experience through many positions in Charles and St. Mary’s County government, but we do not feel she has the leadership ability to lead the Clerk’s office.  WE ENDORSE FAYE WHEELER.

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