Hoyer predicts Dems will retake Congress

Lexington Park, MD - Maryland Fifth District Congressman Steny Hoyer is predicting his party will again be in the majority when Congress convenes next January. During a recent interview at the studios and offices of, the Democrat, who has served in the House of Representatives for 27 years, stated that while traveling around the nation this summer he has seen strong support for change in Washington. “There’s a real enthusiasm, a sense of urgency,” said Hoyer, who added Republican members of Congress have frequently found themselves at odds with President Trump during the past two years.

Hoyer also stated that Congress needs to address portions of the Affordable Care Act after Republicans’ attempts to repeal the measure failed last year. He also called for additional resources from the federal government to local responders who are fighting the nationwide opioid crisis.

Hoyer’s remarks in their entirety can be heard on the video.

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