H2GO: Brian Crosby refreshes voters with water, traffic solutions

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. - Many politicians are willing to go out into the general public, attempting to share the issues they’d fight for if they were elected. However, not many would be willing to brave a scorching sun, next to hot cars, in the middle of an intersection but that’s what Brian Crosby did on a 90 degree fall afternoon.

H2GO, as the event was aptly titled by Crosby’s team, saw the 29B delegate candidate and around 20 volunteers handing water bottles, wrapped in a custom label, to commuters stuck in the traffic jam caused by the intersection of Great Mills Road and Route 5. Holding signs and moving from one car to another,  Crosby offered “a cold water and a solution,” as his campaign manager put it. Fixing the congestion here is one of Crosby’s priorities outlined on his website, along with some other infrastructure needs of district 29B.

Crosby served as an Army Ranger for five years, after he graduated from Drexel and the University of Western Michigan’s Law School, leaving with a Juris Doctorate. Brian Crosby is currently serving in the Maryland National Guard, while he works as a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton.

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Authority: Committee to Elect Brian M. Crosby
Shawn M. Flynn, Treasurer

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