Delegate Deb Rey seeks re-election

Lexington Park, MD - Maryland Delegate Deb Rey recently spoke with, discussing issues around St Mary’s County. Traffic congestion still remains in various areas of the county.

In 2014, Governor Hogan created a lockbox which has allowed him to focus on traffic problems and give him the ability to fund them. The intersection of Great Mills Road  and Route 5, which is a major source of frustration, is on the list to be fixed and there is a plan for it. As far back far as 2007 this intersection had been identified as needing help and has slowly made its way up the list. It is third on the list. The first two projects have been funded and are nearing completion. The county commissioners will submit their request in early March. If natural progression follows this would move up the list to the next project. It is the commissioners who will submit the county priorities. At the end of October the State highway administration will be looking at that intersection.

Many have asked Delegate Rey why she votes “no” so often. She believes it takes a strong leader to speak up and go against the bills. In the video she goes over some of the detailed reasons for her opposition to certain proposed bills. Rey affirms her highest priority is and always will be her constituents, and she will continue to fight to reduce taxes and decrease spending.

In the video Delegate Rey goes over the issue of traffic and her no votes.

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