Local delegate weighs in on heroes and felons

Annapolis, MD - Governor Larry Hogan plans to expand the Hometown Heroes Act during next year's Legislative Session. The bill expands the exemption to correctional officers and will cover all retirement income for First Responders.  While the legislation is focused on hometown heroes, the ultimate goal is to eliminate incomes taxes for all retirees. Marylanders should not be forced out of state in retirement.  After all, it's during retirement and old age that we need our friends and families the most!

Alec Ross to expand felon voting rights
Gubernatorial candidate Alec Ross intends to unseat Governor Hogan using the typical Progressive playbook --- He intends to give voting rights to convicted felons while they are incarcerated. Calling it the "holy grail" of election access, Ross also wants to permit voters to cast ballots online and even from smartphones. Ironically, Ross routinely talks about Russian collusion and interference in the 2016 election. Imagine how much fun Russian hackers will have with online voting!


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