Crosses not Memorials are Unconstitutional

Washington, DC - Roy Speckhardt, the executive director of the American Humanist Association, respond's to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan's statement in the article, "UPDATE - Governor weighs in on the Peace Cross controversy. 

"Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s statement called the American Humanist Association’s legal action in the Bladensburg Cross case "outrageous," even though there's strong legal precedent that supports removing clearly religious monuments that are supposed to represent a broader base of Americans. He also said that this effort to uphold the Constitutional separation of church and state was an "unacceptable overreach" even though that concern runs afoul of the decision of the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

Worse than that, the governor completely missed the point of the concern of the plaintiffs when he tried to unnecessarily defend the constitutionality of "memorializing our soldiers killed in battle." Nobody on either side questions the constitutionality of memorializing fallen soldiers. Rather, the concern of plaintiffs is that our monuments should respect all of the men and women who gave their lives to protect our freedoms and our Constitution, not just the Christian ones. Disrespecting our service members like this isn't just illegal, it's wrong, and it’s time for it to change."

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