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Annapolis, Md. – The Maryland Department of Agriculture today honored 33 employees for their years of dedicated service to the department and to the state. Of the 33 employees being honored – 14 have 30 or more years of service with the state. All together, these 33 employees represent 745 years of public service and more than 1.5 million hours worked and almost 20,000 paychecks.

“Our department and the agriculture community are fortunate to have such dedicated and knowledgeable personnel working to strengthen the State of Maryland and this agency each and every day,” said Agriculture Secretary Joe Bartenfelder. “Our staff plays a major role in protecting consumers and the environment and ensuring fairness in the marketplace. It is a true testament to the value of our work that many of the employees honored this year have been with department since its earliest years.”

In addition to recognizing long-time employees, the department also presented its 2016 Employee of the Year Award to Dan Schamberger, Mosquito Control. Schamberger was recognized for his leadership as acting Mosquito Control Program manager between May 2015 and May 2016. As the acting program manager, he oversaw statewide operations, which included budgeting and coordinating with local partners. Schamberger also played a pivotal role in developing the state’s Zika virus response plan in partnership with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Schamberger remains with the department as Administrator III of the Eastern Shore Mosquito Control office in Salisbury. 

The following is a listing of department employees by county who were recognized with long-service awards. Photos will be posted on the department’s Flickr page.

Anne Arundel

Mark Anderson, MACS, 15 years
Diane Chasse, Ag Land Preservation, 20 years
Regina Dorsey, Animal Health, 30 years
Melissa Gough, Fiscal Services, 20 years
Wilfredo Marte, Fiscal Services, 30 years
Barry Nellenback, Animal Health, 10 years
Judy Plymer, Attorney General, 35 years
Pamela Randall, Turf & Seed, 30 years
George Williams, Central Services, 35 years
Baltimore City

Dawn Croxton, Human Resource Office, 30 years
Baltimore County

Joseph Eccleston, Weights & Measures, 10 years
Dimeka Patterson, Weights & Measures, 15 years

Carroll Middleton, Resource Conservation, 15 years

Noah Schaeffer, Resource Conservation, 15 years

Dwight Dotterer, Nutrient Management, 15 years
Moana Himes, Nutrient Management, 30 years
Thomas Lupp, Forest Pest Management, 35 years

Shaun Sanders, Resource Conservation, 40 years

Thomas Bagamsah, MACS, 10 years
Prince George’s

Jeannine Dorothy, Mosquito Control, 35 years
Diana Lagunes, Resource Conservation, 10 years
Michael Webster, Nutrient Management, 20 years
Queen Anne’s

James Drews, Turf & Seed, 15 years
St. Mary’s

Weylin Anderson, Nutrient Management, 10 years
Eileen Beard, Resource Conservation, 15 years

Carrie Jennings, Resource Conservation, 15 years
Ellis Tinsley, Pesticide Regulation, 25 years

Ginger Noble, Resource Conservation, 15 years

Betty Baine, Food Quality Assurance, 30 years

Charles Fykes, Resource Conservation, 30 years
Douglas Jones, Resource Conservation, 25 years

Christopher Firme, Forest Pest Management, 30 years, Pennsylvania
Craig Kuhn, Forest Pest Management, 30 years, Pennsylvania

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