Charles County defendant fails to appear

brian patrick weyhenmeyerLa Plata, MD - Brian Patrick Weyhenmeyer, 32 of Waldorf, accused of running over and killing his wife with the family van behind a Waldorf shopping center Oct. 12, 2014, decided he didn’t want to come to Charles County Circuit Court Wednesday, Oct. 26.

Charles County Assistant public defenders Luke Woods and Edie Cimino waived his appearance and told Judge Amy J. Bragunier that the second anniversary of the event was this month.

“He is suffering, dealing with health issues at jail,” Cimino noted.

Bragunier said that a psychological evaluation found the defendant competent to stand trial.

“With respect to the merits of the case, Ms. Constance Kopelman Charles County Assistant States Attorney has extended an offer,” Cimino added. “We have made a counter offer.

“Mr. Woods and I remain hopeful that we will be able to resolve the case,” she said.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office received a phone call Oct. 12, 2014 from Jennifer Weyhenmeyer, telling police her husband was mad at her and wouldn’t let her out of the car.

The caller indicated they were on Route 301 going past the New Life Church located between La Plata and White Plains.

That call ended abruptly according to court testimony.

Twenty minutes later police received another call that there was a subject behind a very narrow alley at a shopping center in Waldorf.

Responding officers found Jennifer Weyhenmeyer’s body on the scene with severe trauma.

Weyhenmeyer fled to his house on Pierce Road after the incident, which is where officers eventually located him.

After conversations with hostage negotiators, Weyhenmeyer was taken into custody by members of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Services Team. 

Weyhenmeyer was transported to a hospital after revealing he had medical conditions. He was released from the hospital and immediately transported to the Charles County Detention Center where he was charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, first-degree assault, and second-degree assault.

He faces life without parole.

A criminal jury trial at this point is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 14.

Cimino said they are looking to resolve the case, possibly with a plea, before then.

Bragunier scheduled a motions hearing before the trial for Thursday, Nov. 3.

“He is requesting to be sentenced by a jury if murder one ends up being the conviction,” Cimino stated.

“I would encourage him to show up,” Bragunier said. “This is his case. I know the emotional turmoil has been great for the entire family.”

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