Iconic restaurant plans to close its doors

California, MD-- An iconic restaurant is closing its doors at a undetermined date in the near future. Lenny's Restaurant is located in California. It has provided great cuisine and memories for plenty of families.

Daniel Rebarchick owner/chef/operator told the BayNet that originally Lenny's was called the Knotty Pine. The Knotty Pine was opened in 1952, by Rebarchick's father [Leonard Rebarchick] and his grandmother [Ruby McMillan]. Knotty Pine was a fitting name in 1952, due to the abundance of pine trees in the area at the time.   

However, in 1963 the restaurant changed its name to the present name, Lenny's. Rebarchick told the BayNet that he bought the restaurant from his father in 1981, when his father retired.

"We just can't sustain the bills, there have been 15 new restaurants built in St. Mary's County in the past two and a half years," said Rebarchick.

In addition, Rebarchick told the BayNet that "three more restaurants are opening in the near future in St. Mary's County."

When asked what Rebarchick plans to do after Lenny's closes, he replied, "I plan on staying in the food business, but I really look forward to spending time with my family, I especially look forward to spending time with my grandchildren."  

"I'll also miss our regulars and our loyal customers that have supported this restaurant for 63 years," said Rebarchick.  

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