Planners delay decision on Lusby store site

Developers hoping to build a Family Dollar store in Lusby will need to iron out some major issues before the plan can move forward. During their Wednesday, Oct. 16 meeting, the Calvert County Planning Commission members present agreed concerns about the type of sewerage to be used for the 8,240 square-foot store and a variety of concerns about the access roads needed to be addressed first.

“There’s obvious confusion,” Chairman Maurice Lusby declared.

According to a joint memo from planning commission administrator Yolanda Hipski and principal planner Bill Pittman, the applicants originally submitted a site plan for the store in July. In September the applicants submitted revisions, which were then reviewed.

The project site is located in the Lusby Town Center’s Neighborhood Village on Town Square Drive, an area where public sewer won’t be available for at least 10 years. “During the site plan development, the applicant’s engineer indicated that the cost to hook into public utilities was extremely expensive due to the need to obtain additional easements and a needed change in sewer category,” the joint memo stated. “As a result, the contract purchaser has proposed a septic system to serve the site. The [Calvert County] Health Department has indicated that a wet season perc test will be required. Since the wet season perc test cannot occur until February-March 2014, the applicant is requesting the planning commission to consider conditionally approving the site plan subject to health department approval of the perc test prior to the final site plan signature.”

Commission Vice President Mike Phipps said he could not recall the panel ever approving a site plan with no health department approval in hand.

Lusby opined that the land surface in the area where the store is proposed is not likely to pass the test. “That’s a tough area down there for ‘perking’ ” said Lusby.

“Buildings have a way of changing hands,” said commission member Carolyn McHugh, who expressed reluctance “to add more septic systems if it’s not needed.”

The road issues involved with the project stem from the Lusby Town Center Master Plan to potentially build a road extension in the area.

“The Lusby Town Center Master Plan indicates that the Lusby Parkway should be located on the southwest adjoining property of this site and then turn to the northwest to H.G. Trueman Road,” the joint memo stated. “Duri

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