Hoyer, Democrats Discuss Efforts to Create Jobs, Unveil Make It In America Documentary

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Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-5) delivered remarks today at a press conference on Democrats' Make It In America plan and the American Jobs Act. At the press conference, Democrats unveiled a documentary on how the Make It In America plan will help put people back to work. A link to the documentary and his remarks as prepared for delivery are below. 

“We’re here today to show you a documentary that tells a powerful story. It’s the story of our America and the challenges we are facing together.

“Last week, Members of Congress were back in our districts listening to constituents and exchanging ideas about how to fix our economy. They heard the same message again and again. Right now, this country is in real trouble, and our greatest challenge is creating jobs. Not just any jobs but good jobs, high-paying jobs that will help more of our people 'make it' in America. To do so, we will have to invest in education, innovation, and creating the conditions for businesses to launch and expand. The best way to do it is to reinvigorate the sector of our economy that 'makes things,' because strong manufacturing can yield benefits across our economy. That is what Make It In America is all about.

“As you’ll see in this film, Make It In America includes exactly the kind of investment in innovation, infrastructure, and education that will help businesses create well-paying jobs. All of it is geared toward reinvigorating our manufacturing sector, reversing our $500 billion manufacturing export gap, and doing what it takes to put Americans back to work right away and over the next generation."

“Last month, the President unveiled his own proposal, the American Jobs Act. There is a lot of overlap between his plan and ours – that is because the White House and Democrats in Congress are both focused relentlessly on jobs. While Republicans have been doing a lot of talking on jobs, they still haven’t put forward a plan of their own. It is now October, and they still haven’t made jobs a priority. It’s time for them to put partisanship aside and partner with Democrats to get our country back to work. The Make It In America plan will do just that, and people can’t wait any longer.

“I hope people across the country will watch this film, share it with their friends and family, and call their members of Congress and tell them to support Make It In America. I’m proud to show you a short trailer of the documentary now, and I encourage you all to watch the full documentary on my website.”


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