Meet the Candidate: Bill Mattingly for St. Mary's County Commissioner

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During a recent visit to Baynet Radio and, Board of Education member and candidate for St. Mary’s County Commissioner, Bill Mattingly explained his views on issues facing St. Mary’s and why decided to run.

Mattingly said that as an elected member of the Board of Education for the past seven years, that he has consistently worked for positive change in St. Mary's County. “I would like to continue to do so.  In an effort to bring fresh ideas and competent management to St. Mary's County government, I am running for County Commissioner representing the 3rd Election District.”

Mattingly expressed his concern about the way the county has been run in the past and he believes that the next board of county commissioners should work to bring balanced development while protecting the county’s natural resources. “We need to revitalize our transportation system while embracing sensible growth,” said Mattingly.

The Democrat also stated that he has a strong management background with a commitment to public service. “St. Mary’s needs to manage its budget without increasing taxes. With my strong management background I know what is not only reasonable, but achievable!”

Mattingly admits he is running an aggressive campaign. “My opponent is a current County Commissioner with many supporters.  We have differing political philosophies and opposite approaches to governing.  For this reason, I hope to offer a real choice to the voters of St. Mary's County,” said Mattingly.

Mattingly believes that the county needs to show fiscal restraint and responsibility if it is to survive the down economy and to grow. “I believe that growth in St. Mary’s County can be balanced without stifling our economy,” said the candidate.

He also feels strongly that the county needs to continue its emphasis on education and to support St. Mary’s County Schools as much as it can. “I have served as an elected member of the Board of Education for the last seven years, and fully understand the educational needs of our children.”

The Ryken alum and former deputy sheriff in both St. Mary’s and Charles Counties, Mattingly understands the situation in Southern Maryland which is unique from many other areas. “We must protect our rural heritage and our environment while managing the county’s move forward.  I have consistently worked for positive change in St. Mary’s County, and would like to continue to do so as a County Commissioner.”

Mattingly has many more ideas and positions. To learn more about the candidate, his family and his experience, voters can visit his Web site,, email him at

“I believe I can bring fresh ideas and competent management to St Mary’s County government,” said Mattingly. “Anyone who wants to know more about what I stand for, can email me and I will get back them quickly.”

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