Lollar Asks "Where Are the Jobs, Mr. Hoyer?"

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Lollar Asks “Where Are the Jobs, Mr. Hoyer?”

Lollar Not Surprised by Latest Unemployment Figures

The government's latest report on unemployment figures could well be the deciding factor for those undecided voters on November 2. With the unemployment rate holding steady at 9.6% and the news that another 95,000 jobs were lost in September, there's little to celebrate for Democrats. 

Business owners continue to lay off workers or institute hiring freezes as they wait to see how the slew of new taxes and regulations from the healthcare law will affect them.  Estimates vary widely as to how much but it is agreed that nationwide, business owners are holding onto their money as protection from the constantly shifting ground that is the current business reality.  Even government payrolls are being affected, with local governments laying off 76,000 people as many struggle with their own bloated budgets and overwhelming pension and debt obligations.

The question asked by many Americans, “Where are the jobs?” is echoed by Charles Lollar, candidate for the 5th Congressional District of Maryland.  If the stimulus plan and Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) was such a success, people want to know why unemployment hovers at 10%.  Each month a new wave of “unexpected” first time unemployment claims hits the market while a large number of other people drop out of the Labor Department’s calculations  because they have been unemployed long enough to no longer be counted. Add the drop-outs to those who desire full-time jobs while working part-time hours and the true unemployment rate hovers at nearly 17%.

Lollar is not surprised by the report. “The government now owns nearly 40% of the economy and the new taxes and regulations Congress is passing on all businesses are crippling.  We need to restore the trust of consumers and business owners alike so that the economy can come back.”

When asked about the current debate over whether or not to retain the 2001 tax cuts, Lollar said, “We are facing a crisis of principle.  Are we a nation that allows its citizens to hold as much of their own money as possible and spend it as they like, or are we a nation that only allows its citizens an allowance and makes all spending decisions for them?"

Lollar continues, "Are we a nation where the citizens are entitled to earn their own money and spend it as they like, or are we a nation that only allows its citizens an allowance and makes all spending decisions for them.  Right now we are being governed by people who believe that Americans cannot be trusted to spend their own money properly and that the government is the answer to everything.
Despite repeated pleas to not raise taxes in the middle of a recession, Mr. Hoyer refused to take up the matter of extending the Bush tax cuts while Congress was in session.  Instead he allowed Congress to adjourn without addressing the matter, kicking the problem down the road for some future Congress to deal with. That single failure to act virtually guarantees that a massive tax increase is in store for everyone who pays them." Lollar added, “If you like what Mr. Hoyer and the other incumbents are doing, then keep voting for them.  But if you want to return to the days when your money came to you and the economy was growing, then vote for me on November 2nd.”

For additional information about Charles Lollar, contact the Charles Lollar Campaign at (301) 358-6264 or go to his website,


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