Clinton Tells Maryland Voters: 'Show Up, Claim Your Future, Keep Your Governor'

Democrats gathered on Federal Hill in Baltimore Thursday, Oct. 21 for a rally for Gov. Martin O'Malley which featured remarks from former President Bill Clinton. Notable Md. Democrats spoke to the crowd, encouraging supporters to get out and vote early.

Dr. Donte L. Hickman Sr. of the Baltimore Southern Baptist Church, repeated the sentiment, telling the crowd, “We need to take our souls to the polls!”
Congressman Elijah Cummings commented on the, “beautiful and diverse group of folks” attending the rally, adding, “Our diversity is our power.”
Gov. O’Malley spoke briefly. “At a time when people’s faith in their public institutions has never been lower, your ability to determine the outcome of this election has never been higher. We need you to get out the vote!” he said.
Bill Clinton took the podium and dubbed this year’s election, “The Tale of Two Governors.” He said, “You couldn’t have a more stark contrast [between O’Malley and Ehrlich].”
His statistics-heavy speech painted the picture of O’Malley’s successes, as he told of how the current governor led Maryland to several highly ranked positions in public schools, environment for small business and entrepreneurship and preparedness for a new “green” economy.
Clinton stated, “These places that rank the state have no connection to Gov. O’Malley, they just look at the facts.”
Facts were a hot topic in Clinton’s speech, as he pointed out how much the facts matter in sports, but sarcastically said, “It’s only when something has absolutely no significance to us like the economy, the future of our children or the way the nation’s going to turn out that we say ‘don’t bother with the facts, my mind is made up’.”
Clinton said, “This election is occurring in the gap between doing things that make sense…and feeling the benefit of them.”
The former President told the crowd, “The Republicans may be surprised that everybody may not like all those negative ads that Karl Rove and his anonymous committees are running.”
“[O’Malley’s] opponent is so desperate he ran a television ad accusing him of raising taxes on groceries and you don’t even tax groceries in Maryland!”
Furthering his pro-Democrat message, he said, “If there’s one thing that makes me want to gag it’s when members of the other party present themselv

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