Letter About Weapons at Huntingtown High School

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Dear Huntingtown Parents and Students,

We need to let you know that a student at Huntingtown High School was found to have a gun and two knives in his bag today. School administrators spoke with the student in the office when they became concerned. After answering some questions, the student opened his bag and the weapons were confiscated. The gun was not loaded but ammunition was found in the bag.

The student with the gun alleges that another student gave him the gun at school today. Sergeant Titus worked with the administrators once they had completed the investigation, and both students were turned over to law enforcement and are being charged. We are providing you with these specific facts so that you will know what happened and how it was handled. When any type of weapon is found, we must act swiftly and severely with students who take such egregious actions. We will always advocate for the most serious consequences provided by the law.

In situations such as this, the safety of every student and adult in our school is the vital issue and nothing can justify the actions of the students who are involved. We are so thankful that no one was harmed in any way and that our school administrators were vigilant and proactive in this situation. Our systems for keeping schools secure are under constant review and we will be diligent in our efforts each and every day to keep everyone safe.

Yours for safe and effective schools,

Mr. Jack Smith, Superintendent

Mr. Robert Dredger, Principal

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