Chesapeake Public Charter School Allocated $100,000 Planning and Design Grant

Chesapeake Public Charter School Alliance (the fund raising and informational arm of the school) just received notification that they have been awarded a $50,000 grant from the Maryland State Department of Education Charter School Grant Program. This $50,000 (which is the full amount allowed) is the first half of a $100,000 (total) Planning and Design Grant. The school will become eligible for the second $50,000 in January. 

The charter school committee says they will use these funds to pay an administrator; for professional development for their governing board and staff; to further develop their curriculum and assessment tools; and for outreach to the all segments of the St. Mary's County community.

The committee is very excited about the award and also excited that they are very close to securing a facility for the school (a stipulation that they must fulfill by January). Chesapeake Public Charter School is set to open in fall 2006.

"Parents who really want a change for their children will realize there won't be a better time to apply for enrollment. After the first year, I fully expect us to have a constant waiting list," said Kate Sullivan, a founder of the school.

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