Ways To Make Virtual Learning Easier

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Students all across the country are attending virtual classes either full or part-time this fall. Learning at home can cause challenges. We've got some helpful tips to make the process easier. Some of them may surprise you.

Create a Separate Space

While learning in the living room seems convenient, do your best to create a separate learning space. Pick a corner of the family room or a bedroom. If you're using a shared space like a living room or kitchen table, make that room off-limits to other activities during class time. 

This may require some planning like preparing lunch or dinner the night before to avoid distractions. 

Get Dressed And Ready

Stick to a schedule. Children should get up in plenty of time to clean up, get dressed, and eat breakfast before classes start. Rolling out of bed right before class starts may seem easy, but their brains will be fuzzy.

Send the message that this is real school that kids need to take seriously by making sure they are dressed in school clothes and not pajamas.

In some cases, distance learning allows you to set your own schedule. Even if that's the case, stick to a set schedule for schoolwork every day.

If you set the schedule, make sure to factor in time for physical activity to burn off energy and help them refocus.

No Distractions

School time is meant for school work. Turn off all electronic devices except for those needed for schoolwork. 

Remove background noise. Don't have the TV or music playing in the background when kids are attending class. 

Keep a close eye on younger siblings to ensure they aren't interrupting class time. 

Get Help

If you hit a wall when it comes to helping your child out with a subject, don’t be afraid to contact their instructors for help. If the teacher can’t help you out, he or she may be able to refer you to the right resources.

Even when it comes to behavioral issues related to schoolwork, a teacher may be able to offer suggestions or other resources.

Be Vigilant

With children online more for classwork, predators are also out there attempting to contact them. Make sure there is always an adult nearby when your child is online, even for schoolwork. Make sure your kids know the basics of Internet safety. 

Speaking of safety, make sure your home network is secure and that you have up-to-date security software on any devices kids access. 

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