State Police End Printing Handgun License Cards

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MARYLAND - No more handgun license cards for Maryland. The Maryland Department of State Police announced that it's changing the way it issues handgun  qualification licenses to save time and money.

Applicants approved for an HQL received a card like the one pictured below. Up until July of 2016, these licenses also carried a picture of the person they were issued to.

Now, the state police's licensing division has decided to do away with the cards completely, "The Maryland Department of State Police, Licensing Division (MDSPLD) is constantly reviewing policy and procedures in order to enhance the experience of our customers, allied agencies, firearms instructors and dealers, all while being as fiscally responsible to the citizens of Maryland as possible."

Starting October 1, 2020, the MDSPLD will stop printing Handgun Qualification License (HQL) Cards. That doesn't mean you still won't get a hard copy. Anyone approved on or after October 1, will get a paper license printed in the form of a letter in the mail.

license letter

Anyone looking to buy, sell, rent, or transfer a handgun must show the license to the dealer or person they're conducting business with. That license can be in an electronic form on your phone or in the form of the letter from the MDSPLD.

The MDSPLD said it believes the change will save the state money and speed up the process of receiving the license.

The agency reminded handgun instructors that the applicant's HQL account must be associated with their personal email address.

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