No More Buffets? How COVID Is Changing Receptions

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LEONARDTOWN, Md. - COVID has changed the way people tie the knot and it could spell the end of the traditional wedding buffet. 

We continue our look at the way the virus has affected the way we celebrate weddings in SOMD and across the country. Last week, we spoke with a wedding coordinator, today I asked a local caterer to talk about the changes they've seen recently. 

Bailey's Catering in Leonardtown has been around for more than 30 years and specializes in weddings. They tell me many people have chosen to postpone their reception to next year in hopes that COVID restrictions are over. 

For those going ahead with a reception, they company says outdoors is the way to go. " I would suggest holding your event outside to make those guests feel more comfortable. Or even a venue that offers outdoor seating if need be. Thankfully we have a deck and large yard for this!"

The company said it's key to be understanding and stay flexible. "It's terrible that they have to go through this as one of the most important days for them but to have this to deal with as well is just terrible. We have had a few brides come to us because other venues were unable to help them. We have tried to make change an easy process as no one would have ever planned for this to happen."

They've made changes like limiting seating to six guests per table and individually wrapping silverware for each guest.

One potential casualty of COVID could be the ubiquitous wedding buffet. "I believe that buffet set ups are going to be less likely in the future." 

The company said served dinners and passed items are becoming more and more popular. "We want everyone to stay safe during this time!"

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