Maryland State Police Investigating Double Drowning at Greenwell State Park

HOLLYWOOD, Md. - On September 7, 2020, at approximately 12:30 p.m., fire and rescue were dispatched to the Greenwell State Park on Rosedale Manor Ln in Hollywood for the reported drowning. 

Initial reports were 2 people possibly in the water at Greenwell State Park.  Chief 7A was first to arrive, finding two male subjects, both partially in the water and in cardiac arrest.  The crew of Utility 7 and Rescue Squad 7 arrived next with the crews immediately going to work performing life saving measure on both patients.  Because of the location of the incident, Members had to access the scene via a small walking path and down a steep hill that was approximately 400 feet from the nearest vehicle.  Once the patients were packaged, the members were able to traverse the terrain to the waiting EMS units for transport.  Ambulance 797 and Ambulance 196 transported both patients at 1:02 p.m., priority 1 with CPR in progress, to St. Mary's Hospital.  Unfortunately, even after a valiant effort from Fire, EMS, and Police personnel, both patients were pronounced deceased at the hospital. 

After the incident was over, the Hollywood Members assisted the family with packing all of their personal items and camping equipment up in their vehicles.  They also transported the family to the hospital and made sure they remained together during this incident. 

Chief 7A held the Hollywood Command.  Maryland State Police are handling the investigation of this incident.

We would like to remind everyone as the summer comes to an end, to make sure you always have a life jacket when you are in or around the water.  Please follow the recommended safety standards and remember to only swim in designated locations.  Please stay safe while around water or while doing recreational water activities.
We would also like to thank the different Departments and members of our community who reached out to either our Department or our individual Members and checked on them.  Thank you!  It means a lot to us and it shows that Brotherhood is still alive and kicking in Southern Maryland.

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