Maryland State Board of Elections Announces Printing Contract for Mail-In Ballots

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The Maryland State Board of Elections announced on Friday, September 11, 2020, that North Mankato, Minnesota-based Taylor Corporation will produce and mail ballots for the 2020 General Election. The company will provide up to 4 million ballot packets for eligible Maryland voters who requested a mail-in ballot. Taylor Corporation also does business as Curtis1000.

The agreement is part of a multi-vendor approach the Board has adopted to meet the unprecedented demand for specialized printing related to the 2020 General Election. The production and distribution of applications for jurisdiction-specific mail-in ballots, postage-paid return envelopes as well as jurisdiction-specific mail-in and in-person ballots requires a high degree of customization.

Under its contract with the Board, Taylor Corporation will provide mail-in ballots for the 2020 General Election. The Board has also contracted with Runbeck Election Services, Inc. to produce and send about 4 million ballot applications and postage-paid return envelopes and with Single Point Sourcing to produce over 15 million ballots for in-person voting.  The Board is also obtaining sample ballots and ballot packets from other vendors as a contingency.

“We have conducted an extensive review of Taylor Corporation’s capabilities,” said Maryland State Board of Elections Administrator Linda Lamone. “In addition to requiring the company to provide multiple rounds of test ballots for review, we have spoken with elections officials in Clark County, Nevada, where the company implemented improvements to mail ballot packaging and provided sample ballot printing and oversaw delivery of sample ballots to more than 1 million voters during the 2018 General Election. Based on this extensive review process, we have certified Taylor Corporation as a ballot printer in Maryland and are confident the company will meet the needs of Marylanders who choose to vote by mail.”

SeaChange, the company that provided mail-in ballots in the June primary election, was initially assigned a portion of the mail-in ballots required for the November election; however, the company notified the Board this week that it declined to produce the requested mail-in ballots. The vetting of Taylor Corporation’s capabilities included a review of its capacity to serve as the State’s sole provider of mail-in ballots, its ability to meet the Board’s timeline to deliver ballots, and a plan to place the ballots into the United States Postal Service’s mail stream locally, rather than out-of-state.

The Board also voted Friday to approve Baltimore City’s proposed vote center locations, including eight early voting centers and 24 election day voting centers, and also approved St. Mary’s County’s vote center locations. The Board has now approved vote center locations in all 24 jurisdictions in Maryland. The Board also approved expanded vote center plans submitted by Anne Arundel County, Charles County, and Prince George’s County. Vote centers are selected by local boards of elections. For a list of vote centers in a specific jurisdiction, contact the local board of elections. Contact information for local boards is available at A complete list of approved vote centers will be available on the Board’s website next week.

The Board will meet again Thursday, Sept. 24 at 2 pm and Thursday, Oct. 8 at 2 pm. The meetings can be viewed live at

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