Learning process under Corona conditions

This year has completely turned our lives upside down. Because of the corona pandemic, we have lost the opportunity to communicate with each other directly in person without digital help. This problem affects all areas of life and poses new challenges, but in this article we take a closer look at the impact of COVID-19 on studies.

The previous summer semester
The risk of contracting the coronavirus at colleges and universities was enormous when students and teachers met in lecture halls and seminar rooms, which is why the entire summer semester took place completely without presence and the learning process was designed online. Initially, both teachers and students found it difficult to switch from around 5-10 percent online teaching to 100 percent. The circumstances were particularly complicated because the switchover required a lot of planning, preparation and patience on the part of teachers and students in order to bring about all the innovations. That was a big problem that one was not prepared for. Lecturers had no idea which software was best for their work, because everything was new and often unusual. Students could hardly concentrate to organize their studies, free time and sometimes also job on the same table. Let's consider the pros and cons of this process.

Advantages of online teaching:

  1. No time and place independence
  2. Learning at your own pace is easy
  3. It is possible to listen to lectures several times
  4. There is no risk of COVID-19
  5. E-learning opens up new opportunities for students who were previously passive
  6. Some moments can be cleared up in the common chat or by email

Disadvantages of online teaching:

  1. Without good computer and internet skills, nothing will work
  2. On-site learning cannot be completely replaced
  3. High motivation and self-discipline are required
  4. Your internet access must always be stable
  5. A large time difference is not always taken into account

It is controversial whether the quality is maintained in the course
With regard to this summer semester, conclusions will of course be drawn. On the websites of colleges and universities, you can find current information about online teaching and FAQs about the coronavirus. Some educational institutions have even asked their students several times how they are coping with online teaching. There were also some mentoring programs for teachers so that the learning process could go smoothly.

Challenges in studying
One tries now to adapt to the new circumstances of the learning process, but also some old challenges in the study cannot be overlooked. If you cannot find a suitable topic during the writing process or the research work on the topic you have already found is your biggest problem, StudiBucht is at your side, your professional ghostwriting agency for serious scientific writing service. Let our tried and tested authors write your term papers. Our ghostwriters are experts in their field and real academics who write written work for you at the best price. Please remember that StudiBucht will never let you down if there are any ambiguities, questions or problems in your studies. You will receive your academic work on time, checked for plagiarism and proofread.

The coming winter semester 2020/2021
The new winter semester is just around the corner, but it starts later and in all likelihood will be different than usual. Although many difficulties have already been overcome, the most important question remains open: How much classroom teaching is possible under Corona conditions? Some schools would like to organize the winter semester together with their students and find sensible formats for it. There is hardly any talk of a 100% presence format, because the dangerous virus has to be kept in check, i. H. a reasonable combination of online and face-to-face teaching is planned. Face-to-face events are only possible if all hygiene and protective measures are taken into account. Despite the pandemic, colleges and universities are making efforts to hold courses and exams on campus with appropriate security measures. We'll find out how it all works in a month.

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