NAVAIR wins three human resources and equal employment opportunity awards

Headquarters, Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, MD - September 7, 2019NAVAIR’s Human Capital Management Dept. received three Department of the Navy 2018 Human Resources (HR) & Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Community Awards for Excellence.

The three awards recognize the Recruitment and Hiring Team, the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Team and “Rising Star” Eileen Arthur.

“Inside the Navy, we’re pretty well recognized with leading the charge on HR services,” said NAVAIR Deputy Commander Garry Newton at an informal ceremony Aug. 27 in Patuxent River. “The work you all do really makes a difference.”

Cindy Worcester, director of the Human Capital Management Dept. (formerly known as the Total Force Strategy & Management Dept.), echoed Newton’s sentiments: “It’s a privilege to call myself a member of your community.”

Team Impact (Large Team) Award

The Recruitment and Hiring Team, comprised of 201 recipients from all sites, won the Team Impact (Large Team) Award for helping hire 4,500 employees in 2017-2018 after the 2017 federal government hiring freeze — bringing on board the highest number of external hires in the history of the command. 

“All the mechanics of being an employee start with this community,” said Steve Cricchi, director of the Aeronautics Group, formerly director of Command Operations Group. “The unprecedented success in hiring — it starts with you.”

Carmen Belen, director of the Personnel and Programs Division, said she was humble and proud to be part of the team.

“We were challenged to do the impossible, and we succeeded,” she said. “We worked closely as a team across all the sites and developed innovative and creative ideas to acquire and bring onboard the talent NAVAIR needs to support the fleet. Every team member plays a significant role, and what they do matters.”

HR/EEO Community Support Team Award

The Human Resources Digitization Team won the HR/EEO Community Support Team Award for helping digitally transform human capital management by modernizing information technology systems and instituting predictive modelling. For example, the team’s efforts included automating employee correspondence, digitizing a position designation tool and modernizing data dashboards. These projects help leaders and HR stakeholders make decisions and maximize efficiency.

“It’s about freeing up time, making our jobs easier and making better decisions,” Newton explained. “I’m excited how you all have advanced your tools.”

Kevin Smith, head of the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Division, said the award acknowledges how far the tools have progressed to help inform decision-making. The team is now working to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into human capital tools.

“The award is also a reminder of the great opportunity that remains, striving toward predictive and prescriptive analytics, and putting actionable intelligence directly in the hands of our employees, supervisors and human capital managers,” Smith said.

Rising Star Award

Arthur, an HR specialist working in the Labor Employee Relations Dept. at Fleet Readiness Center Southeast in Jacksonville, Florida, was recognized for her “noteworthy competence, professional conduct and untiring determination.” She has received many accolades from her customers and peers thanks to her “flawless and dynamic customer service” and ability to resolve HR needs effectively and efficiently.

“I think it’s easy to do well when you love what you do and the people you work with,” Arthur said. “I know it’s an individual award, but the real reward is being able to work with great people.”

These annual awards recognize teams and individuals whose contributions have resulted in exceptional impact or improvement in the HR community.

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