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St. Mary's County, MD -- If you see some people going door to door in your neighborhood in St. Mary's County who claim to be from the Census, don't be alarmed. They probably are. But if you're worried, there are a few easy ways to spot a real Census taker.

Workers with the U.S. Census Bureau are out working in neighborhoods in St. Mary’s County and across the United States in preparation for the 2020 census count.

Operations started in August and will continue through October to update address lists of households. Correct addresses are necessary to deliver invitations to respond in the 2020 count.

Census Bureau employees have started walking through neighborhoods across the country and in St. Mary’s County checking addresses that are not already verified through the agency’s software.

Here's how to tell if someone is really working for the Census. All employees will have badges and briefcases indicating their affiliation with the Census Bureau. They will knock on doors and ask a few basic questions to verify the address and any additional living quarters on the property for inclusion in the census. They won't need any type of personal information like bank information or Social Security numbers.

Employees will introduce themselves as a Census Bureau employee, show their official government ID badge and explain the purpose of the visit. People may also ask them for a picture ID from another source to confirm their identity.

For more information on address canvassing, visit the Census Bureau website or call the Public Information Office at 301-763-3030.

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