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St. Mary's County, MD -- St. Mary's County is planning to replace the playground in Judge P.H. Dorsey Memorial Park and they want your opinion on what the new playground should be like. 

The playground construction is expected to start next spring and the target for completion is during the month of April. 

Before the designs are finalized, the county is asking for your opinion by offering an online survey. 

The survey asks questions like how many children you have and what their favorite activities are.

Those filling out the survey can state their preferences for particular types of equipment like seesaws, slides, interactive games, swings, or ropes and ladders.

You'll even get input on the color scheme of the playground. Should the colors be neutral or neon?

You can also choose between two designs. One design  shows similar features and play structures you may see at several other playground throughout the county. 

The second image introduces new play features not yet seen in the County and focuses on ropes and climbing structures. 

Both designs include separate play areas for ages 2-5 and 5-12 years of age. You can also leave your comments.  

Click here to fill out the survey.

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