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Charles County, MD --  The school year got off to an encouraging start for students at Charles County Public Schools.

At Matthew Henson Middle School, staff gathered at the front of the school and shared kind words, hugs and encouragement to nearly 800 students as they filed out of buses and cars. 

Staff members wore matching gray t-shirts that read, “One kind word can change someone’s entire day.”

Guidance counselor Alexandra Eichel came up with an idea to give each student a postcard with a personal inspirational quote from a parent or teacher.

When sixth graders got to their new homerooms, they found the postcards on their desks.

“It has been heartwarming to see the students place their postcards in the clear sleeves of their binders or somewhere else in their books. The idea was to shock the students’ nerves with kindness and reassurance so that the first day did not seem so scary — and I think it did just that,” said Principal Christina Caballero.

At  J.C. Parks Elementary School. families lined up in their cars to drop kids off were greeted by Principal Greg Miller while instructions were handed out for pick up and drop off each day.

Cheerleaders, the band, and teachers waving encouraging signs provided an enthusiastic welcome for students at Maurice J. McDonough High school.

The school system welcomed more than 26,000 students last week, a number that will continue to climb this week as prekindergarten and Three’s Program students start school Sept. 10.

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