Southern Maryland Focus: License Plate Readers

Calvert County, MD- In June, Calvert County Commissioners approved a request from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office to install two license plate readers for the county. The $215,000 purchase was proposed by Sheriff Mike Evans. The license plate readers will be installed along Routes 260 and 4 and will capture vehicles coming in and out of the county.

Evans noted the cameras will be used to help track down criminals who may be entering or leaving the county and said they will only be used to find people who are breaking the law.

Commissioner Pat Nutter [R - District 2] opposed to the plan. “I don’t want to end up in ‘big brother’ syndrome—that’s where America is headed,” said Nutter, a retired sheriff’s deputy.

On this episode of Southern Maryland Focus, employees from discuss the pros and cons of license plate readers.

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