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After attending the public meeting held on 8-22-2017 by the Planning Commission, Calvert County Board of County Commissioners and the Calvert County Planning and Zoning, DACCA (Dunkirk Area Concerned Citizens Association) has many reservations about the new sign regulations as proposed.

Dunkirk is the northern gateway to Calvert County and should be a visual introduction to our rural county.  If we want to lure tourists here we need to give them what they would expect from a small town and that is not garish lighted signs or temporary signs on every available space along the roads through the towns.  Instead, the proposed new sign regulations will give way to a sea of temporary signs with virtually little or no control over the quantity, location or time period and length this sign type can be used.


In my opinion, all three of these controls should be built into the new regulations and strictly enforced by fines and use of required permit if needed.  How many of us have complained at the sight of the “litter on a stick” signs along the roadways and even in the median while driving through Dunkirk?  The thinking appears to be if one sign won’t work, let’s put out 20.  All that does is trash the center of our town.  We know our businesses need to advertise but there has to be a better way.  You can drive through many other thriving small towns in the US and not have to look at temporary signs littering the roadways.  At our meetings, DACCA members vote almost unanimously no on unlimited use of temporary signs.


Then there is the issue of Electronic Message Centers.  DACCA has always been against them for safety and aesthetic reasons.  We urge the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners to vote for Option D – no message boards!  We don’t want them in Dunkirk – not even with special exceptions, but for safety, while driving, we should not have them in the County at all.  We have laws against texting while driving so why would we add another distraction?  We are not Las Vegas – we are small town America.  We don’t need message boards.

JP Sherkus
DACCA President

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