A Chevrolet tribute to the iconic Detroit Red Wings


Detroit— Chevrolet today unveiled the Wheels & Wings: A Chevrolet Tribute to the Iconic Detroit Red Wings “Winged Wheel” Logo sculpture inside the brand’s entrance to the new Little Caesars Arena. 

Measuring 9 feet long and 5 feet high, the sculpture is an original work by Tomas Vitanovsky, a former professional motorcycle stuntman from the Czech Republic who now pieces together discarded parts to create intricate works of art ranging from animals to cars and robots.

“The chance to create a sculpture so complex and to partner with Chevrolet was truly a thrill that I won’t forget,” Vitanovsky said. “Stitching together the 186 parts from Chevrolet vehicles to create this tribute to the famous Detroit Red Wings Winged Wheel logo was an exhilarating challenge and I am excited to see how the fans react when they see it on display in the new arena.”

The sculpture took a total of 700 hours for Vitanovsky to sketch, model and sculpt. The Chevrolet vehicle components used to create the sculpture include shocks, brake calipers, rotors, gears, bearings, tie rods, brake pads, rear springs, exhaust pieces and a 1918 Chevrolet hubcap. The center of the wheel is marked with a Chevrolet Silverado bowtie.

“Chevrolet commissioned this unique sculpture as a tribute to the people and the industry that fuel the city of Detroit and to honor the Detroit Red Wings who have been a true symbol of grit and determination,” said Paul Edwards, U.S. vice president of Chevrolet Marketing. “Tomas Vitanovsky has demonstrated a talent for bringing together what seem to be very ordinary parts into a striking piece of industrial artwork that we are proud to share with the city.”

The sculpture is permanently on display inside the Chevrolet northeast entrance area, where fans and visitors to the new Little Caesars Arena will be able to admire it for years to come.

Chevrolet is the official vehicle of the all-new Little Caesars Arena and has been the official vehicle of the Detroit Red Wings since 2015. Chevrolet is also the official vehicle of several other Ilitch companies, including the Detroit Tigers, the Fox Theatre and Olympia Entertainment. Red Wings forward and NHL All-Star Dylan Larkin also serves as a Chevrolet brand ambassador.

Fast Facts about the sculpture:

  • 9 feet wide by 5 feet tall
  • 772 pounds
  • Features components from 13 Chevrolet models
  • Comprised of 186 individual pieces

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