Strong man pulls F/A- 18 Super Hornet during expo preview

PAX RIVER, Md. – Known as the “World’s Strongest Man,” performer Mark Kirsch gave a preview of what he is planning on doing at this year’s NAS Patuxent River Air Expo  Oct. 29 and 30. 

Kirsch is a popular media-oriented performer in the air show industry best known for his "Man vs. Jumbo Jet" pull, said Patrick Gordon, with Patuxent Naval Air Station (NAS Patuxent River) Public Affairs.

“He will be showcasing his talents and performing his world famous 'Man vs. Jumbo Jet' act during the air show at the end of October. He wanted to be the first man to sprint while attached to the F/A 18 Super Hornet. His final distance for Saturday’s preview was 400 feet,” said Gordon.

Kirsch’s original goal to pull the plane during the preview was 161 feet, and has been living the dream of being able to pull planes for a living while entertaining community members.

“I am attempting the impossible, and I’ve pulled much bigger planes than this. Since starting this, I’ve lost over 200 pounds of body fat and gained almost 80 pounds of muscle back,” said Kirsch.

Having family members in the military, Kirsch wanted to thank those who have helped make his own dreams come true.

“There are people working in the background that have helped me, who worked really hard to make this happen. They don’t get enough thanks. I want to thank the military as well,” said Kirsch.

Plans for other performances include travelling to aircraft carriers, said Kirsch.

“I’d really like to be the next Bob Hope, which is a lot of pressure,” he said.

NAS Patuxent River has the privilege of hosting the finest in military and civilian talent in aerial and static displays, which demonstrate the command's focus on the future of flight, said Gordon.

“The Air Expo 2016 will showcase the outstanding capabilities of the U.S. military's aviation community at its best, and will be headlined by the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Team, The Blue Angels. Other acts include the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Parachute Demonstration Team, The U.S. Air Force F-22 Demonstration Team, Art Nalls Aviation, the Geico SkyTypers, and more,” said Gordon.

For more information about the Air Expo, check out the Facebook page and website.

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